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Sino-Auto 2018 annual summary commendation meeting

Date:2019-1-21   Views:1518

The dog rushed to the future, and the pigs came with good luck! Say goodbye to the unforgettable 2018, ushered in a brand new 2019. At 17:00 on January 18, 2019, Guangzhou Sino-Auto Technology Co., Ltd. 2018 summary commendation meeting was held at the Beiyuan Restaurant.

From the Guangzhou headquarters, all the staff of the Shanghai/Beijing branch gathered together to count the hardships of the year in 2018, and strive to strive for the company's future development. Listen to the various departments' work summary for 2018 and praise the outstanding employees of the company in 2018. At this annual meeting, Sino-Auto employees created their own colorful and colorful programs, and the exciting lottery activities made the whole party climax. Have an unforgettable night in joy and joy!

The whole annual meeting was successfully concluded in a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere, showing the spirit of Sino-Auto employees' energetic, positive and united spirit. Looking back at 2018, we work together, work hard, and gain together; look forward to 2019, we have the same goal, full of confidence, and look forward to the future of Sino-Auto will be more brilliant.